Sunday, February 17, 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole of Research

Ann Eborn 1769 Hyde County, North Carolina

When I began researching for women's inventories, I came across the estate of Ann Eborn from Hyde County, North Carolina.  She was one of hundreds that I found with her estate listing only a few clothing items.   Her estate sale was held on the 20th Day of April 1770. 

2 bonets[sic] - sold at 2s 4d
 To hollon [Holland] a remment 5s 4d
1 handkicef [sic] } sold for 5s
1 par of ruffles 
1 apron - sold for 5s 4d

Honestly I was like.....that's all?  No will?  No complete inventory of her estate? Just a record of the sale of her estate and very little in the way of clothing.....ugh.   I gave up on any more information.

Well, here recently I began looking for wills and sales records  of women estates in the various counties in NC.  It would seem that some counties kept a register of wills, inventories and sales in a different volume. While scrolling through "Wills, Inventories and Sales of Hyde County Volume 1 part 1-2 1765-1794" - I found Ann Eborn's will and her true inventory along with some other women.  I did a little happy dance when I found this information. 

Will of Ann Eborn
Hyde County, NC 20th Day of December 1769 - January 1770 Term
" Hyde County Wills, Inventories, Sales Volume 1, Part 1-2", page 32

Close up of the bequeath of clothing
"I give and bequeath to Tina Slade one Quilt paired item, I give Luorase Fortque one Quilt item, I give to Mathew Taylor one Stript Cotten Gound [sic] and pare of Leather Gloves.  I give Dorcas Bell one black Gound [sic], I give Prudens Slade one Worsted Gown [sic].

So one can only imagine what the striped cotton gown looked like.  I would love to know what the black gown was made of and what color the worsted gown was.......The quilts are they bed quilts or quilted petticoats?  Well, the inventory of her estate explains a little more.

"An Inventory of the Goods and Chattles of Ann Eborn late Deceas'd taken by Mr. Edward McSwain December 28th 1769"
2 Quilts [quilted petticoats?]
3 gowns, 1 Scarlet Cloke [sic]
1 Satten hat
1 pair of leather gloves
2 caps
1 handkerchief
2 white aprons
2 callico bonnets
2 remnents of Cambrick

2nd column

1 quarter yard of holland
1 pair of ruffles 2 chunk bottles
1 check apron 2 earthen cups

Needless to say - this inventory along her will explains what types of textiles were used for the gowns and bonnets.   Calico bonnets.  Are they printed calico, white calico ?  They fall in line with other bonnets that I have found in women's estates in coastal counties in NC of the era.  That is for another blog article.  

So, never give up.  Always keep searching and you never know what you may find.

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